COZYHOME is based on the Saia-Burgess PCD-hardware-platform of with onboard automation-server. (www).

Sais-Burgess controllers are freely programmable. A Saia systemintegrator customizes it to fit your wishes and requirements, thus creating the highest possible comfort at the lowest possible energy comsumption level.

Use your iPhone, iPod-Touch or your iPad to control your environment, either via WLAN when you are at home or via internet when you are out.  You may improve your safety by using a VPN-Gateway to protect your home from unauthorized access.

Find a Saia-System-Integrator (here) who integrates a Saia-PCD in your house and download COZYHOME from the AppStore. It is as simple as that.

Do you need assistance? No problem - just contact us! (Contact)